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Three Rivers Paranormal Society

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Three Rivers Paranormal Society is a paranormal investigations team located in the Pittsburgh / Greensburg, Pennsylvania area. We research private homes, businesses, historical locations, areas of local urban legend, and other paranormal phenomena. TRPS uses scientific methods to study these areas to obtain evidence to support or debunk hauntings and urban legends. Investigations are done professionally and are always free of charge.

TRPS is part of a larger, International Paranormal Group, and has members of the well known and respected Pittsburgh Ghost Hunters Association (PGHA) on staff. Demon Hunters International, DHI is an international group of Paranormal teams that researches and investigates private homes, businesses, historical locations, and researches and provides assistance with demonics/diablolics and psychic activity. DHI strives for UNITY in the Paranormal Community.More information about DHI will be available soon.

We are also available to analyze your pics, videos and/or recordings.
TRPS takes the view of "Prove what it ISN'T, not what it IS."
TRPS uses methods of exhausting all rational and possible explainations before saying something is anomolous or paranormal. We use every possible means of recreating evidence to find plausible reasoning behind happenings.
We at TRPS have Psychic Researchers and Demonologists available. While we conduct our investigations with a Scientific Method, investigations can be done from either or both a science and/or psychic basis. Strict protocols are followed to ensure research and evidence are of the purest and upmost quality.

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Have you seen, witnessed or experienced an encounter with the paranormal? Know any local haunts or urban legends? Contact us with your info and stories!
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TRPS TRPS hosts an online discussion forum. Opne to all
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